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The placement week at IIM Indore begins February 17, 2000. [Details]
The Indore Chapter of the National HRD Network, was opened at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. [Details]
IIMI teams won the first and the third prizes at the Case analysis competition at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad [Details]
Participants of IIM Indore, have won the first prize at the Kirlosakar Institute of Advanced Management Studies paper presentation contest. [Details]
IIM Indore was declared the best Management Institute at the World Strategy Forum 1999 at Bombay. [Details]
Abhijat Mitra and Ajay Sharma, PGP2 participants of IIM Indore, have won the first prize in the All India HR paper presentation at Manthan '99, at TISS Mumbai.
Post-Graduate Programme

Inspite of the predominant use of the case method as the pedagogy to bring in real life management problems inot the class room, it stil remains an abstraction unless participants are exposed to real life. This necessitates building an interface between classroom learning and real life management. This interface has been built through the Experiential Learning modue at our institute. This is a unique endeavour, a compulsory part of the curriculum, which involves a continuous association with the industry for over two years broken into three parts:

  1. Weekly visits to a company in the first year
  2. Summer training at the end of the first year, and
  3. An oganization based integrated project in the second year.

Industrial Training (first year):- During the first term, participants undergo guided tours of organizations of different types: manufacturing and service, profit and non-profit, private and government. From the second term onwards, each participant is attached to a company in and around Indore where he/she works under the guidance of a co-ordinating faculty from the institute. The participants visit the organizations once a week for an entire working day as regular employees and are exposed to all departments and functions of the organization. The instructors also impart specific guidelines and assignments to be carried out during the participants' visits.

Summer Training:- Each participant works on a project for a period of eight to ten weeks in an organization at the end of the first year. The objective is to allow participants intense, day-to-day interaction and experience with organizations. This enables the participants to apply the knowledge they have gained in the first year of the programme through coursework and experiential learning, to an existing problem. It also facilitates an informed career choice by the participants and gives an opportunity to organizations to evaluate summer trainees for future employment.

Organizational Project (second year):- The participants are required to work in teams on a project for their first year experiential learning organization. The participants submit reports and make presentations to organizations, and wherever feasible, get involved in the implementation of their recommendations.

The objective of this exercise is to provide for the application of knowledge and skills progressively acquired in the entire programme to a first hand problem. This facilitates integration of theory and practice on a continuous basis, thereby imbibing in the managers of tomorrow, the true spirit of 'learning by doing'.

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