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- Period of Summer Assignment
- Expectation from Summer Trainees
- Expectations from Organisations
- Evaluation of Summer Placement





Period of Summer Assignment

Summer Placement will commence from 20th April 1999. The student is required to work full-time for a minimum of 56 consecutive calendar days (including Sundays and holidays) on the rolls of the organisation. During the training, leave should not be granted to the student unless unavoidable. Any such leave should be compensated for by extending the summer placement.





Expectation from Summer Trainees




Expectations from Organisations

The projects proposed by the organisations may be cross-functional and integrative in nature, so as to expose participants to working of organisations. Wherever projects are function specific, organisations may put the trainees through an initial period (3-4 days) of training in different functional areas before they work on specific projects. This will help the trainees develop an overall perspective of the organisation.


The following steps are suggested for enhancing the effectiveness of summer placement:

- Participants may be briefed about the organisation and given material on the organisation (first day).  

- Participants may be put through an orientation programme (3-4 days) in which they will visit all the departments in the organisation and meet senior executives. 

- Organisations may appoint one of the executives as a guide for the participants. The summer trainees are to report to the guide regarding the progress of their summer jobs on a regular basis. The guide will also evaluate the performance of the trainees and send the report in the required format to the Institute.

- The student may be asked to present the final report to the senior executives of the organisation so that his/her learning from the project and understanding of the working of the organisation can be properly assessed.






Evaluation of Summer Placement

Registration for the second year is contingent on completion of the summer assignment. Hence, all components of the summer assignment must be completed well before the beginning of the second year.

Performance evaluation of summer trainees by the organisation is an important component of the summer placement. We have designed a specific format for the feedback to cover different aspects and to get standardised feedback. IIMI requests the organisations to send the evaluation reports to the Placement Chairman in sealed envelopes through the respective summer trainees before they leave the organisation.

On their return to the campus after the summer placement the participants will make a presentation to fellow students and a group of faculty. If any information is confidential and can not be shared with others, organisations should make a specific request to that effect to the Placement Chairman