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khabardar INDI@ - Your Voice

This revolutionary phenomenon called internet, is moving at an awesome pace, creating new opportunities and challenges for all of us. The experience of working with everyone else in the world is quite exciting as also satisfying. A new nation is in the making today,the cybernation; seemingly unbound and for the present, unthinking. It would not be surprising if in the future not so distant, one finds social, political and economic systems getting redesigned keeping in view the rapid technology changes. In a sense, the net really is about the death of geography and coinage. A totally new value chain is in the making. The time has come when we have to start thinking how we are going to organise ourselves as a global community.

The aim of coming out with this on line magazine on a regular basis is to provide an outlet to people who do not have a voice in the conventional media. The information will be of use to just about everybody who would like to know the ethos and culture of this country through voices that are fresh, honest and unblinkered. We will also try to provide specific information about other subjects on individual basis. We hope to bring the world closer to India and know the enormous potential and wonders the country has in store for everyone. It will always be our endeavour to keep you informed of the latest and would require your valuable feedback to make your journey through our site an exhilirating experience.

Counting on your best wishes.