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Habitat Technology Network

A Video Based Technology Demonstration on Alternative Methodologies of Building

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The Habitat Technology Network was established in 1995 by Mr. Anil Laul to make films on Alternative and Appropriate construction materials and methods. Since its inception, twelve films have been completed and circulated. These films address issues ranging from planning concepts, environmental concerns, construction techniques and their evolution, to innovative approaches in design and detailing. These films cross link the rationale of the past as contained in the Vastuvidya and corelate these to the forms of management of human settlements as propagated in the Arthshastra(an ancient text prescribing forms of social management and governance) . Made keeping all practioners of architecture in mind, these films have been very positively received by institutions worldwide. These have been used as instructional manuals by the CPWD (Central Public Works Department) Training Centres and Building Centres all over the country.

The mandate for documentation of materials and technology was given to BMTPC (Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council) and HUDCO (Housing and Urban Development Corporation), who failed to produce the necessary material. The initial films were based on the pioneering work in cost- effective technologies being carried out at the Nizamuddin Building Centre, chaired by Mr. Anil Laul. Subsequently the entrepreneurial Anangpur Building Centre was set up in order to be independent of government restrictions. This Centre continues to carry out constant research and development of new technologies without on a self sustaining basis. The Habitat Technology Network now functions under the aegis of the Anangpur Building Centre. We feel that there is a dire need for awareness where appropriate technology is concerned and that the best way of comprehension is to see the process of construction - a 'hands-on approach'. These films therefore document work and the manufacture of products as is being implemented by the Anangpur Building Centre. Several other individuals who have begun to subscribe to this working methodology also are now being covered by HTN so as to guage the problem areas and refine our working sytems as we go along.

Cost-effective materials and technologies have wrongly been misconstrued as low-income architecture with low quality and poor aesthetics. The technologies developed at the Anangpur Building Centre are aesthetically appealing and appropriate for high-income groups as well. The technologies propagated have been amply demonstrated through their use in farmhouses and resorts as well as slum resettlement schemes. In fact appropriateness of the technology developed lies in its use by all sections of society. Thus the films would be of relevance to people with varying interests. The films can be availed of from the following address:


Building News

A worldwide update on interesting new projects using alternative technology and techniques being evolved by various agencies/groups/ individuals.

Technology Demonstrations

Step by step documentation of selected demonstration projects to help understand and demystify the techniques and methods of the construction process and the use of materials and their evaluation/application.


Conversations with decision makers, architects, designers and actual users, who influence the building industry today.

New products

Features on innovative new building products of interest and relevance to builders and designers and actual users.

Shot and produced on Hi- Band U-Matic (broadcast quality) we provide you VHS copies of the films in the PAL format. The present price of the films, though uneconomical for us, is Rs. 800.00 per film. The furhter discounted cost per film, for online subscribers, is Rs.700.00 per film. For overseas buyers these are available at $30 each (inclusive of postage). These can also be availed of as a subscription for 12 films at an economy price of Rs. 8000 or $300 for overseas buyers.

We encourage people to write back to us with all their queries and thoughts. We realise the importance of clarifying any doubts you might have regarding the various aspects of appropriate material and technology use. After every couple of months we gather all your feedback and try to assimilate it as the main subject of a later issue. This will ensure steady participation of the subscribers in these path-breaking efforts as also our ability to provide an answer to doubts experessed by our viewers. We welcome queries from architects with a bent of mind towards appropriate technology, so as to set up a continuous on line development process.


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